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The Tractor...

Mini-Tractor is a children's battery operated fun vehicle for the 4-12 year age group.  With authentic farmyard styling the Mini-Tractor is an ideal vehicle to be used as a compact stand-alone attraction or a profitable addition to existing amusement and farm parks.

Designed to be used in a compact area (approx 6m x 12m) the Tractor can be operated with minimal staffing and as with all the range of childrens coin-op vehicles, is the ideal choice for an operator friendly, attractive and cost effective attraction.

DIMENSIONS   136 x 83 x 62 cms

WEIGHT   81 kgs (less batteries approx)

AGE GROUPS   4-12 years old, there is a secondary seat should an adult wish to assist a child

SPEED:   Adjustable up to 10mph (approx) average advisable operating speed 4-6mph

TURNING CIRCLE   1.2metres

MOTOR   24V Electric motor

RANGE   4-5 hrs continous running time, equates to an average 8-9 hour operation day with easy change battery system.

DRIVE   Direct drive via transaxle with built in differential (no pulleys, chains or belts)

CONTROL   ECU purpose designed and built by Tornado UK, to incorporate an Auto stop system and simulated engine noise

ACTIVATION   Coin op or Manual start

BUMPERS   Shock absorbing Polyeurethene bumper system

All Tractors come with colour co-ordinated graphics